Envision Planning Process

We believe that your wealth plan is the foundation from where all other investment decisions are made. Based on your goals and priorities, your plan provides us the insight we need to select the best investment strategy for you.

Envision Investment Plan:

The Envision Planning process is the engine of our client’s financial advisory plan. Once we have gotten a detailed look at your circumstances, and have a shared vision of where you want to be, we can then begin to “stress test” your investment goals through the Envision tool. Our Envision Analysis will take a thousand different historical market scenarios and stress test your set of goals to determine our chances of success. Based on your priorities and preferences, we can adjust certain aspects of your plan to help ensure your success. You can be assured that the proposed strategies reflect your financial objectives and desires, and that they are coordinated with your stage in life as well as the dynamics of the current marketplace.

Portfolio Allocation:

Once we understand your personal circumstances and the goals you seek to accomplish, we are able to develop a tailored asset allocation strategy for your family that encompasses your risk tolerance and time horizons. The Envision process gives us the ability to monitor your progress towards your goals, and make the necessary changes to your allocation as market conditions or life’s circumstances dictate.


We will deploy assets into your allocation over a mutually agreed upon time frame that takes into account current market and economic conditions.

Monitor Progress:

In addition to your monthly statements, you will receive quarterly performance reports that update your progress. Additionally, we will consistently monitor your Envision Plan Result to ensure that we are staying on track to meeting your goals.

Review Meetings:

While we always want to be available to our clients to answer questions or discuss their portfolios, we feel it is important that we get together to review their financial advisory plan at least annually, and in most cases more frequently than that. We will work with you to determine a schedule you are most comfortable with.

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln