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2018 Annual Review - An update of performance, trends, research, and topics for the long-term investor.

Markets – 2018 was a very interesting year. The markets were up a bit through November and then there was December, where the market tested the extremes. It is a lot like the weather in Wyoming. There is winter and then there is July…. We read that the market drop Christmas Eve was the worst in history—breaking the record set in 1918 when the US was coping with the end of WWI and an outbreak of the Spanish flu. This was followed by the day after Christmas with the best day in the history of the Dow—up over 1000 points. This is termed “volatility” and rarely pleasant on the down days. Read More

Building and Managing Your Investment Portfolio

After we have worked together to develop an appropriate asset allocation, it is time to start building the portfolio. Based on your allocation we will start to build out each asset class. With $100,000 or more to invest in individual stocks, we believe this is a great method to build and manage a portfolio. Read More 

What is the Difference Between Growth and Value Stocks?

  • A growth stock's total return is more likely to come from capital appreciation than dividend income; a greater proportion of value stock's performance is likely to come from dividend income.

  • Long-term investors don't have to choose between growth and value and, in many cases, they may benefit from a combination of the two styles.

  • Shorter-term (cyclical and tactical) opportunities to reallocate to growth vs. value, and vice versa, may sometimes arise.